Sunday, January 08, 2006

Post Christmas Post

A surprise in church today: The Christmas season is over. If you are not Roman Catholic, the proper response is "Duh!" But cradle Catholics celebrate Christmas for weeks and weeks until Mardi Gras. The new liturgical word is that after the Baptism of Our Lord, on Monday this week, the Ordinary time will replace the rest of the octave of Christmas.

Guess the tree will have to come down, as will the lights, the manger, etc. Change is good. Right?

Another sign of change is what's happening in Afghanistan. The citizens are ready to move on. They want the signs of war out. Visit with Afghan Warrior to hear the latest. Is it too early to take down the anti-terror barricades? They think so. If the Afghanis feel ready, then let's find out.

Finally, winter in Upstate New York is changeable. Rather than a hard, frozen earth until Spring, we experience at least one thaw. Even after the worst freezes. Passing over the Walnut Street Bridge, I noticed the high, flowing Chemung was no longer ice. So I grabbed the HuggaMutt and initiated RiverFest2006. A real taste of January in the Southern Tier.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Thank you for the tour. So different from my area.

Sissy Willis said...

Thanks, little gal, for putting it all in perspective:

"Guess the tree will have to come down"