Sunday, January 15, 2006

Can we play? Should we?

Patches is very interested in our newest family member. Kiwi is not the least cowed. Actually we had a lovely evening, Kiwi and the cats, while I slowly introduced a very jealous HuggaMutt to the hedgehog.

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Darlene said...

So Kiwi is the name of your hedgehog? Great choice! Did I miss something here? When did you get it, and how did you choose a hedgehog for a pet? Do they like to be petted? What's their personality like? Will yours ever respond to its name? Is yours male or female? Wonder if it will ever cuddle up with the cats... that would be wonderful.

Shelley said...

Hedgehog! Oh you're going to have fun!

Has Kiwi licked your shoes and foamed at the mouth yet?

pb said...

Kiwi came to us as a Christmas present for VeggieGirl from her boyfriend. VG loves all sorts of animals, particularly bats, so another insectivorous animals seems logical. While pogs don't normally like to be petted (they hiss back) they can learn to love company. Kiwi seems to like me, and comes out to play (from her curled-up ballself). I rather doubt she will respond to her name, except to know it means food or company. She has foamed at the mouth, although I can't remember why, but isn't yet allowed on the floors.