Sunday, January 22, 2006

Those Left Behind

I've spotted few references to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. One notable: LaShawn Barber's post. Additionally the Little Pond lies amid mostly pro-abortion ground. It was not always so.

My first adult membership in a church was in Annapolis. St. Mary's was a generous, welcoming community. The ProLife Committee was full of chatty, fun, and human individuals. VeggieGirl was named for one of their nicest members. Indeed one of the loveliest persons I've ever met. St. Mary's is always in my heart.

This anniversary recalls the pain I felt for the girls who came to Birthright in Annapolis. Still do, always will. It prevented me from continuing in that important work. Instead I direct my prayers for their healing.

Abortion will not end in my lifetime. But there should always be someone, somewhere praying for the desperate women in those most unfortunate circumstances. Perhaps they think abortion will end their pain. It won't, and may become the beginning of nightmares and regret.

Guess I'll just be that person, praying for them. That they will find peace. And compassionate aid.

If an unplanned pregancy is tearing you apart, call Birthright. If you've lost your child to abortion and are still hurting, please contact Project Rachel. They can help.

And someone who cares is praying for you. Always. I promise.

Little Pond

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