Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'd Rather be Blogging

But the pondscum's getting obvious. HuggaMutt returned to Da Glow yesterday, and left a wake of destruction and despair. Will I ever get it clean?

The sun's brightly reflecting off yesterday's dusting of hoarfrost! Pretty!

So naturally the windows look filthy. Can't do much about that, but I can clear away the puppy-nose prints. The outdoor crud will have to wait until summer. For Mother's Day, I want the window-cleaners to visit.

Cheat, cheat, cheat. A quick dusting, light mopping, and spot-clean the carpet. Again. Wipe the puppy-snot and call it good.

After all, the three cats are tearing up the place while Ellie's away. Literally. Tearing. It. Up.

Oh well, everythings all new and sparkly at the MS Companion, thanks to my Blogsister Karen. Come visit.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

You should see my house -- it's a mess and Norm could care less. Why is it that the one who can't do something about the mess cares about it more than the one who can?
What is Da Glow?

pb said...

Husband RJ doesn't mind the mess enough to do as much cleaning. He just pops up and out for a run in the town. That would exhaust me, and the house would still need cleaning.

HuggaMutt lives with MammaDog (PappaDog, and her fellow dogs) in a little hamlet called Golden Glow, on the western rim of Elmira.