Saturday, January 21, 2006

Midwinter Doldrums

Not much happening in the Little Pond. Beginning to feel the itch to redecorate. Too bad I haven't the energy. Bubba has clawed the living daylights out of my wallpaper, and I need to make repairs to the bath surround. Repairs! I really want to replace it, but we have neither the cash nor the energy for the teardown-putup job.

The whole place is dark and stuffy this time of year. But look what my Blogsister sent me! I sent a photo from my WalkElmira winter shots. I fear, however, that someone from International Falls, or Watertown, NY, or some such will surely top my pic with a truly snowy horror. Can't help but think about becoming a "snowbird" when I contemplate the lovely weather in Scottsdale, though.

What a crybaby! We just had two lovely days where the temps soared up to 50 degrees F, and here I am complaining. They say rain or rainy-mix tomorrow, and that'll teach me...

Little Pond

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

I hope you win the contest!