Saturday, January 28, 2006

Remember Us?

Update: It's worse than I thought: Lots of pets are still waiting for reunion with owners or new homes. The SPCA needs our help so much now. Go to their site and click on the middle button to see all the sad, little storm orphans. Or don't, because if you can't help, it may ruin your day, week, or more.

Do you remember little Crystal? She was one of the rescues from Hurricane Katrina and was featured in this blog here. Well, the SPCA is featuring a remarkable lookalike in our own Elmira Star-Gazette, but with a different name. I think she's the same dog, but now is called Sugar, which is a more appropriate name for a sweet Southern belle.

Point is, I'm a little, no a lot, saddened that this poor baby still has no home. See, Elmira, New York is totally glutted with pit bulls, and some have given them a bad rap. Look the only breeder I know is not a pro, and frankly, spoils the little darlings into being sweethearts. And the mixed pits I find around here are lovely, well-socialized critters. Ellie and I were "attacked" once by a local pit named Simba, and the only problem I had was all the slobber.

I know, I know: we should adopt her ourselves, if we feel this way. Only, WE don't. I do. Can't have her. Three cats, a hedgehog, a fish and, of course, the HuggaMutt are more than we need.

Here's hoping a local reader will love her as I do and adopt the baby. Meantime, I donate cash and supplies and pray for St. Francis to send an angel to take her.

Before you move on, check out Five on Friday. It's all about forcing the liquids, so appropriate for the cold and flu season.
Me?1) decaf coffee, with creamer--bought anywhere, hot, few calories; 2) druthers--hot cocoa 3) decaf iced tea--no lemon, no sugar 4) nasty sweet drink in Spain called horchata 5) bottled

Little Pond
(Star-Gazette photo taken by Jeff Richards)

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

I can't look -- we can't adopt any more pets!

1. My drink of choice is purified water.
2. Hot cocoa from Starbucks
3. Refreshing iced tea with one packet of Sweet n Low
4. Beer -- tried it when I was 8 -- yuck
5. From the tap if there is a filter, otherwise bottled.