Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Waiting for the plumber

I'm expecting FixRite Bob this morning, for a followup on the leak in the kitchen and a start on the toilet troubles. Just so I can post and run before I am finished:

Incredibly generous with her art, Shelley moves about in a paradise of intense color and peaceful members of the animal kingdom. No wonder some people eat flowers; they are indeed inviting.

My Blogmother Sissy is miffed at someone. I won't even dignify them with a mention, let alone a link. We hates them forever!!!!

Peggy is suffering, and shares it with us, with her usual pearly wisdom. She doesn't want our sympathy, though, only our prayers. Fortunately, she's working to resolve it all, and offers us a treat. Bloggers can be so giving.

White Lightning Axiom is a site I visit more and more. Nothing quite like the little day to day. This is what America is to me.

Of course I'm jealous about this tiny note: "...the spring veggies are already coming up..." Braggart!

Finally, let me just weigh in on the immigration thing:

I know an excellent firm in New York that has handled immigration law for decades. My best buddy from college is a partner. I also worked in immigration law, for a very brief time. Just long enough to form the opinion that anyone who truly wishes to become a working, law-abiding American will find a way to become properly documented. Even if it is sometimes after the fact. Our immigration laws tend to be very generous to that sort of petitioner.

Darned plumber is already late.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Plumbers can be so &^%$&! LOL

mdmhvonpa said...

Woooo-ho! Linky Love! To be honest, I do most of the dirty work around the house but 2 things (plumbing and major electric) are beyond me. I tend to get nervious about gas lines too. Fortunately, both of my preferred tradesmen live less than 200 meters from me so we can get them to come over any day 1st thing in the morning or as the last stop of the day.