Friday, April 28, 2006

Too impatient for most cinema

Pathetic, isn't it? Thank goodness for DVD's! Such pertinent questions at Five on Friday, thanks as usual to Criminal Grace:

Silver Screen
1--No all-time favorite movie for me, just favorite directors, writers, producers and actors. Guess I'm just not hard-core.

2--I vaguely remember walking out of a movie, just once, when I was in college. Can't for the life of me remember what it was. During a film-festival sort of class.

3--The last movie I remember was Return of the King. Viggio Mortensen was yummy.

4--I rarely eat popcorn at the theater; I hate getting husks in my teeth, and never remember to bring floss.

5-- I only go to the theater when I know the home video can't reproduce the total, wide-screen, surround-sound, etc, experience.

Little Pond

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Bonita said...

I rarely to to the theatre for a movie - last time, the old guy behind was so hard of hearing that he didn't hear his watch alarm, and all his comments to his friend were shouted so he could hear them. I prefer to experience a movie at home, to really give it my fullest attention, without interruption. Rented a good one last night: "Off The Map" - I think you'd really like it, Pat. I might make a post out of it today, if I get some time.