Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Just Wanted to Thank GruntDoc...

Am I the only one who starts a simple, one-line post, segues into having to research a half-dozen links, and ends with going through a rather extensive favorites' list? Tops it off with Googling some bit of humor or esoteric info?

A hearfelt thank you to GruntDoc, who's riding for a Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser! A few years ago, my brother Jim rode on his own to raise money for MS research, too. He biked from the Florida keys to Boston. Apparently it cost him his job; found another shortly thereafter, though.

Okay, I know I don't, but every morning this is how I feel I look. Incidentally, if you haven't visited with Bonita yet, go here, and keep scrolling for humor, stunning photos and all sorts of eclectiscism. Is that a word?

Got your Americana Day-to-Day right here. Notable quote:
"I am going to try to donate every eight weeks so I can get one of those neato pins that declare “I Donated Ten Gallons!”

Tried that, too. But the MS brought an end to that. Red Cross policy, you know. I was stunned and hurt. After all, I had donated blood my entire adulthood, even hauling the kids with me when they were tiny. Did you know that kids raise your body temperature? Same as cuddling up with cats for warmth?

Speaking of cats, maybe we can get Peggy Kaye to post a photo of the infamous Betsy/Bossie/Butch/Inky???

And finally,

"Goomp, as always, goes for the jugular and bags his prey."

Always the feline outlook on life at Sissy's. Nothing wrong with that. Why does everything lead to cats with me, you ask? You didn't ask, but it's because I have Big Ol' Bubba sitting on the table yowling at Husband RJ, and Needy DeeDee trying to get into my lap, and stepping on the keyboard to accomplish it. Patches is asleep on the mantle, slowly slipping off, left hind leg first. And that will bring HuggaMutt out from under the covers in the VeggieGirl's room!

Yes. Every day.


Little Pond

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