Friday, April 21, 2006

Chow time! Lunch break is at Criminal Grace for Takeout:

1--My favorite ethnic foods are Chinese and Mexican.
2--Must-haves are Subgum chow mein and Guacamole salad.
3--Guacamole with tortilla chips is always available at the Friendly House in the Little Pond. As are hummus and whole grain pita. Always.
4--Food travel? Hands down, head to England, where all cuisines are located in London, thanks to old-time Imperial days.
5--Unless I learned the language, I wouldn't go to Japan, where food tends to be very expensive, for just the opposite reason--insularity. They are loyal nationalists who mostly buy Japanese, thus protecting their economy. Can't blame them.

Little Pond

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Darlene said...

I'm not sure if I have any favorites. I love Thai and Vietnamese foods, like Chinese, Indian, Mexican and all the mid-eastern foods (going to made dinner based around falafel tonight), but definitely love American ones like salmon, steak and fried chicken, too.

Anything with guacamole--num!

South Dakota always reins in my heart--beautiful terrain and love the wildlife... oops, that's not food. But I've never been outside the country.

Wish we could hop on the internet, meet somewhere midway, and chow down together. Wouldn't that be fun?