Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thus began the disaster that was Wednesday

Actually the day wasn't too bad. The night was disastrous. Tuesday brought new tires from Badyear. But I had a lovely, three hour wait. I headed out to take photos in the morning sun.

Good thing, too. About the only good thing. After three hours I was billed a stunning amount for four tires, balancing, and a front end alignment (previously done last summer).

Wednesday night began with a vibration in the back end of the vehicle, on the way to work. I called Badyear, and told them I needed an early appointment Thursday. I was tartly informed that many people were ahead of me, so good luck Oh, well, not unexpected, although disappointing. Then I was informed that a coworker called in sick. I added his work to mine. The troubles from the new system were totally well-represented, all night. Things were so bad with Atext, that the Sports department called for a cutback to one edition, with the paper's deadline set for Midnight. We missed deadline. It was 12:30 AM when I reluctantly got in the car.

Fortunately it was only three blocks to Badyear. Fortunately, a coworker tailed me. Fortunately, I was scared of the sound, which echoed last summer, when a tire shot off my vehicle on Route 352 in West Elmira. Fortunately it was 12:30 AM and there were very few other drivers.

Halfway down the block to the tire store, there was a nasty ping and the left rear tire popped off. The Tracker swerved to the left and I braked. At absolutely no time had I driven faster than reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy slow. So I wasn't surprised, stunned, afraid, or anything like any sort of normal emotion. Just "Here we go again" running wordlessly through my head.

I'm home, and blogging. I should be preparing for BabySister's visit. But I'm exhausted and somewhat depressed. Maybe I'll play a video game.

Thank the Lord this was Elmira, and not a big city. I was on the edge of one of our "worst" neighborhoods, and was faced only with courteous locals, concerned for my well-being. They checked to see if I was okay, and moved quickly out. One of Elmira's Finest was passing by, and came right over.

We weren't able to get our local AAA tow, but we got another, who was at the city lot. Who required cash on the barrelhead. Who politely took $70 to move the car less than one-quarter block.

Badyear was on the line before 10 AM with a full report and an explanation. All will be set right, although I doubt I'd make a good referral these days. We will shuffle cars for the next few days, and of course BabySister will bring hers. I am well and unhurt; my dearest, loving Husband RJ came right to my side within minutes. The young, deferential officer left on an emergency call right after the tow arrived. I was home in bed by 2:00 AM. Thus are the benefits of life in a small, country-sort of city in Upstate New York.

Blessings? Too many to count, thank you.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Thank God you are okay! What an ordeal for you. It's funny I was up until 2 a.m. myself but not for such serious reasons. I was hard at work on a project and couldn't go to bed until I got it done.

pb said...

Odd. So very tired from walking a few blocks for a telephone, then another block when the phone didn't work. Then standing around a while, waiting for the tow.

Other than that, all is cool. Baby Sister comes Saturday afternoon, and then the partying begins.