Monday, April 17, 2006

Weird and Wonderful

Our early Mass was full. I know Easter Sunday should be full, but the regulars were very cranky to lose their spots. More people mean more perfume and cologne, but I was able to stick it out, thanks to my inhaler. I needed it just to enter and sit, and again after the procession with incense.

Absolutely did not recognize most of the newbies! Just like at the Reconciliation service. This must be the clustering, the consolidation.

Which left me feeling conflicted about the position of our pastor. We've lost a few of our original congregation. They didn't like the pastor. This I don't get. However, we just might accrue a goodly number of people who like him and will stay put. I hope so.

Ironic, that the pastor who is blamed for the loss of parishioners was chosen to lead the parish in our new cluster! Wouldn't that be a hoot??!! Good for him? I wonder if that was exactly what he feared??? All my prayers and my money are on our cantankerous, funny, original, Fr. Jerry!

Little Pond

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Darlene said...

Hope your prayers are answered!

I think that always happens during the more important holidays--newbies flocking in. Some likely aren't actual members of any congregation, but need to go to a service somewhere, because the holiday means so much to them.

As for the perfume, my husband and I were eating in a restaurant recently, and a woman with a man sat down in the booth next to us. She was reeking from perfume. If she had applied less, it might have been subtley nice, but she must have doused herself in an attempt to impress her boyfriend. We almost had to change booths, the odor was so overpowering. So I can just imagine how hard it was for you.

Got into a busy spell again, so never had a chance to reach you, so I'm wishing you a belated Happy Easter!