Friday, April 14, 2006

Under the weather in more ways than one.

Dark and dreary, lungs hurting and coughing unproductively. Too bad I have to work tonight. But it's time for Five on Friday with our thanks, as usual, going to Criminal Grace. I was thinking of adding another question for (Six on) Saturday, but you late filers have enough guilt and anxiety already:

1. We always file at least a few days in advance. Just to avoid the crowds at the post office.

2.-3. Husband RJ is good with numbers and does ours himself on paper.

4. RJ starts in January, just to determine if there is a remote possibility of a refund. Gotta have the docs, though.

5. Oh, yeah. As a child of the 1960s, "boycott" was often on my lips. Now I call it "holding a grudge."

Happy weekend to you all.

Little Pond

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Bonita said...

I'm planning a once sentence post later on this issue. For 30 years I've asked my husband to file early, and he always does it at the very last minute. Only once has he had to file an extention - and that was enough to cause me to ask, every year, to start early....