Friday, April 07, 2006

Getting Ready for the Easter Parade

Last night I realized that my Easter preparations may very well be in vain. I certainly cannot go to Mass this weekend, because the Palms will set off grass allergies. Next Saturday's Easter Vigil is also out: EVERY participant will have a lit candle!!! And if the 8AM Easter Service is crowded, then even that is out. Perfumes and colognes definitely bother the asthma. I suspect that those who usually sit near me are cutting back on theirs each week, the dears.

But I have accrued quite a nice outfit. Long khaki pants, rich rosy top and floral light jacket. And don't forget the mango sandals. Which should please our friends at Criminal Grace.

To wit:

1. Nearly every week of the year I wear some sort of mule. I wear them with half-socks.

2. For the non-shoe-lover, a slide is a mule. I also own some flip-flops, but not the rubbery kind.

3. No sandal-weather yet, but I've just purchased some lovely mango-colored ones for Easter.

4. I don't think anything less than formal dress is appropriate at the Presidential Palace. At least, for mature adults. Perhaps the girls felt that the cutting edge of fashion was formal enough for the occasion.

5. Apparently, I qualify as a "Quirky Shoe", but you, dear reader, must go to Criminal Grace for Five on Friday to learn your type.

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