Tuesday, June 20, 2006

About Last Week

I was the boss last week while the real one was on vacation. Did the stress kill me? It did not. So why was that?

Well, the boss is a good guy and a very hard worker. He's the one you want to have at your back for the very tough spots. And the one working alongside us when the long haul is a hard one. But.

And this is where the MS comes in. He's a very hard worker and excellent when we are between a rock and a hard place. And, regrettably, that is quite a lot of the time in Prepress. But, when things are going well, he doesn't shut it off. Not very often. His style is to run in crisis mode until all the work is done. Then relax.

This is great in the short term. Every night we go home with all the work done. But the long term effects of the (unnecessary) pressure is damaged nerves. In my case, literally damaged nerves.

Last week was lovely. The work got done and everyone enjoyed a reasonably busy, manageable week.

But. We feel disloyal enjoying it.

Little Pond

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Darlene said...

Aha, prepress! That's my department; almost everything I do at work, in fact, and believe me, it varies. But what many consider boring, I consider a challenge. And when I'm doing something alone (even sometimes when someone else is working with me), I can sing to my heart's content.

Stress--that's everyone's department where I work. The boss is a very hard worker, and we understand his plight, being we're a small business that's trying to make the big time, but his personality leaves us with damaged nerves. So, when do I turn in my application with you guys? I'll devote my all to you, which I've done wherever I've been.

By the way, congrats on a job well done, that I'm sure your co-workers appreciated. Good for you!