Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Darndest Thing

Walked Ellie to the post office this morning. Yes, doggie to the post office; Trish there likes to visit with her. It's the other, young fellow who's afraid of dogs. Same with Mike Miller MailMan. And MailMan owns a dog! Those guys just give off vibes, I guess.

So, anyway. We had a lovely, long walk that was punctuated by a visit with Zadie, the rottweiler across the street, and her owner. She was pretty tired when we headed back home, so I let out the leash in hopes she would potty one last time.

A squirrel was waiting on the porch! Ellie decided to show who's boss, and chased it into the plant flats left in the sun by Husband RJ. I moved forward to protect the flats and their precious baby plants. The next thing I knew, I was eye to eyeball with the squirrel, perched on the handrail. We both froze. Then the squirrel jumped right at me, bounced off my shoulder and booked a quick flight to the side yard.

Even if I had a camera, I couldn't possibly catch the scene, except maybe the closeup of a squirrel eye. But I do have proof of its escape by my shoulder. Except for the one freckle (where I was kissed by my guardian angel), all the marks are courtesy of our bushy-tailed interloper.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Where is Bullwinkle the Moose when you need him?

Bonita said...

Wow, a close encounter, squirrely.

tom said...

we can presume that, if the skin was broken, you disinfected it?

(For one thing, you don't want to give the poor squirrel any human diseases. *8D )


pb said...

Absolutely. Don't forget that this is quintessential rabies country. This squirrel was just a usual visitor whom we surprised. The fact that he simply jumped over me, so to speak, was a sort of proof of his relative nonchalance.

Love you, Bro.