Thursday, June 22, 2006

Grommets are not cure-alls

Huh? Guess I didn't think that one out very carefully. Grommets don't work well with vinyl film.

I should have seen it coming, but it's been years since I've worked with grommets. See, I got this lovely idea: instead of several layers of reflective film on the windows, why not fuse them together and put grommets in at the hanging holes? Since I use them every day, they would be well worth the time and effort.

Then we would have one discrete curtain to hang before our nap, instead of two to three layers, that really don't want to go up easily. Went to Hancock Fabrics and grabbed the large-size kit, since it's been years since I've grommeted anything. The larger grommets will be easier to handle, thinks I.

Hah! I was clever enough to test a grommet first, in case all doesn't go as planned. And it certainly did not. Grommeted very nicely. And the tools stuck, locked very nicely together by the film. I tried prying them loose with a screwdriver, and yanking them loose with vise-grips and pliers. And a hammer. No go: adhering like glue, and this lady does not have enough strength in her hands or desire to fuss with the mess.

Bottom line, I now have a couple film curtains that need repair for the rather large hole I tore while retrieving the grommet tool/anvil "module" I've just created. Back to jerrying the films, to recoup enough of it all to hold me until I order new films. Were they from Carol Wright? Or Miles Kimball? Home Improvements?

Um. Where's the duct tape?

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