Monday, June 19, 2006

Waiting on contractors. Again.

So here I am waiting for contractors. Again. It's going to be a long summer in the Little Pond.

One bright spot: Sears showed up right on time, a little after 8:00. However, the new washer did NOT perform its little dance. Couldn't get it to shake in any way. This actually might be good news. This Maytag has a self-correcting function that somehow redistributes the load to kill the shaking. Wonder if it actually corrects the problem in the long run? If so, then Maytags are even more marvelous that I imagined, and our old one lasted 20 years.

I reluctantly let the repairman go. A Maytag repairman would have surely stayed for lunch, dinner and a game of cards, but this was a Sears repairman. He probably would have called the police if I detained him much longer.

So I am seeking solace in my blog visitations. A cheery round of Americana is just the ticket:

First stop has to be at my everloving blogmother's for some pets and partying. Her little ones are so sanguine about visitors; my cats head for the hills whenever the doorbell rings.

Hollered across the Little Pond to Karen, but she's still waiting on help with her scooter decision. Can we get some opinions here? I can't be the only reader who's got an opinion on power wheelchairs? Being an opinionated sort, and all.

Good old-fashioned American values can be found at Bonita's site: the kids are serious! These values are not so rare; around here, the fiances are expected to meet the parents' approval. Or is our neighborhood--admittedly not far from all varieties of houses of worship--so very different from yours?

Speaking of neighborhoods: Peggy K, our own sweet Pearlie, is ever so much closer to her new home! We've been watching a while now (you know, through the blinds, straight up the street, when no one is looking our way) so the excitement is just building to a crescendo. Lots of these Habitat Homes going up around Elmira, and we all celebrate as much as the new homeowners, thanks to the local paper.

There was a pretty pictorial tribute to Father's Day at Shushan's Shore. Scroll down a touch and she has the latest family fotos on the coffeetable, waiting for your perusal and approval. Don't be afraid to gush a bit; she'll love hearing from you.

...and the plumber is at the door. New floor planks in the bathroom, or not? (Move to a hotel for a day, or a weekend? After all, we only have one bath...) I'll keep you posted. Like I said, it's going to be a long summer.

Little Pond


Bonita said...

Just a wonderful collection of blog-friends you've got here, Pat. Gee, I'll check them out - especially since Blogger has been 'out to lunch' all day. Can't post anything, can't upload.

Darlene said...

Hah, love your reference to Maytag repairmen...I equate them with apple pie. Our washer is old, but otherwise great. But the problem is the load distribution. As the clothes spin, they tend to bunch up, and the heavier ones make the spinner knock sideways as it's trying to go around, so it doesn't take out the "juice." Then I have to spread the clothes around and try again. But, I tentatively push the button to start them, and sure enough the whole thing ends up a'knockin' even more.

I think it knocked too many times and can't function properly anymore. Wonder if a repairman could just fix that part? I'd really hate to have to invest in a new washing machine just because of that. Maybe I'll bring my wet clothes over to your place next time. You wouldn't mind, right?

pb said...

Heck, you're all welcome! We can have a washer party. I am such a true believer when it comes to Maytag. Almost bought a Neptune, since they are not astronomically expensive anymore, but settled for the regular toploader. Maybe next time, in another 20 years!