Sunday, June 11, 2006

Chilly June Sunday

Really wanted to post on the RiverFest 2006 today. But the news didn't much cover it and neither did I. A virus knocked me through a loop last Saturday the 4th. (No matter. There will be something or other somewhere, although it will take a bit to dig it out of the internet. And there's always my trusty shutterbox and the changing seasons.) Just a touch of a repeat bug today. Not enough to housebind me. Would that be the present tense of "housebound?"

Actually the cooler weather has allowed me to wear the stuff I got for my birthday, now two months back. What a joy fancy black leather is! Wore the jacket to church and to walk HuggaMutt. Took her down by the river and found myself slipping and sliding in the mudsoaked riverbank. I hook the leash to her harness when we are on the strand, to allow her to tug a little. She nearly dragged me into the drink! Fortunately I grabbed a tree and pulled us both back. But I gouged tiny holes into my prized jacket. Oh well. Just like me to have a little mark to help me remember our little adventures.

Husband RJ's sunning with Ellie. A couple of years ago, I gave him some laser treatments for his birthday. He had some permanent red veins on his nose that he just hated. Well, should have saved my cash. The veins themselves are still gone, but the spot burned by the laser goes bright red whenever he insists on sun-worshipping.

Napping doesn't seem to be an option. And I'm left-over tired from a cookout yesterday. One of the guests brought a trio of dachshunds to the party, and one was marked exactly like HuggaMutt. They were minis and looked so delicate compared with Ellie, who is a solid, chunky sort of critter. It just occurred to me that the brindle pattern is exactly like my purse, a present from MammaDog. I mimicked Streep as Cruella DeVille: "Looks like I'm wearing your dog!" Brindle seems to be very much in style right now, since someone else was telling me their bedroom is decorated with the same pattern.

Well, there's carton of Friendly's Mocha Silk (or maybe Purely Pistachio?) calling my name. Now if only I could figure a way to eat it without the brain freeze.

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