Friday, June 16, 2006

Fix-Rite Flub and Five on Friday

Well, Fix-Rite didn't show yesterday, although VeggieGirl waited the balance of the afternoon. Husband RJ skipped work this morning for them, because I grocery shop Friday AM. When I returned after 10, they still weren't here, so we swung into Plan B.

Because the washer is so old, we simply cancelled the appointment. ("Oh, but you're the next stop!") Really? We were supposed to be the FIRST stop, as in "First thing in the morning, if we don't make it this (Thursday) afternoon." Unacceptable.

Especially since there is a sale going on at Sears!

So instead of a 20-year-old washer with repairs, we will have a brandy-new Maytag delivered (no charge) on Saturday. Our old Maytag lasted 20 years, with three, count them--three!--repairs, one of which was due to fire damage, and doesn't count. The new Maytag is $50.00 off because of the sale, PLUS there's a $30.00 rebate related to a current sale on Neptunes. (I don't get it either, but that is what the rebate slip says.)

We won't break out the champagne until after the delivery arrives on Saturday, however. I'm not that innocent, as the song goes.

But to my Daddy, I am still quite innocent. So let's move on to Five on Friday: Father of Mine. Courtesy of Criminal Grace.

1. A father should be knowlegeable and authoritative. Not a pal to a kid, although that may well come later, when they're adult.

2. RJ turned out to be a wonderful father. I had doubts early on, but he is always interested in the girls and their lives. He also was willing to feed and change the babies, as was my father. I could never respect a man who does not participate in rearing his children. Never.

3. My Daddy had no sisters, so as a girl, I was very special. And I felt it. I was touched as a teenager to see how he thought I was beautiful and usually treated me like a lady. Because I lived with brothers and their friends, I felt that I was sort of like a guy. And that made me feel ugly and unsuitable for romantic love.

4. Grampa was always courtly toward Grammy. This struck me as very important, even when I was very little. He called her "Jo" because her name was Josephine, but he also called her "Lady" all the time. When also he called me "Lady," I felt honored.

5. Because I have so many brothers (one shares Daddy's name), it would be difficult to choose whose name to take over the others. We chose names that indicated our parents and grandparents and heritage, without using the exact name.

Happy Father's Day Weekend (yes, you deserve a whole weekend) to all you Father's out there, especially my Daddy and Husband RJ!

Little Pond

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