Friday, June 23, 2006

Our Lady of the Links (online)

That would be Criminal Grace with our Five on Friday: BookMarked

Online checking
makes my bill payment so much easier. RJ uses it, too.

2. Two sites I don't like to admit I visit.
Final Fantasy Artwork. What can I say? I am not a game geek...
Tongue Tied. I can't resist a visit. Love language stuff.

3. Three sites I wish more people knew about.
Walk in the Word. Best. Darned. Preacher. Period.
Molly Wringwraith. Best online parody of LOTR!
Miss Manners. Register. She's worth it. Uncommon sense.

4. Four great sites for wasting time.
Lileks' site. My blogfather.
Easter eggs. Waste time online; waste time in front of the TV.
Amazon. And a year to find exactly the right thing!

Note: this was a longer post, but Blogger cut it off during a save, when I subsequently edited the length of the URL's. Don't know if Blogger didn't like the change in links, or what. Pooh. It's history. 6/24/6

1 comment:

Sissy Willis said...

I've always adored Miss Manners . . . AND, I didn't even have to register ('must have registered at the WaPo in general some time back).

Thanks for the pointers. :)