Friday, June 02, 2006

Blah, blah, blah (update) and Five on Friday

Boy, I could predict it like daybreak.

Another "atrocity" committed by our troops. I'll pretty much quote my answer to my Liberal coworkers:

Yeah, yeah. And we are investigating the situation. And I simply don't recall any investigation into any atrocities committed by the suicide bombers, insurgents or Al Qaida to date. Except our own.

We do
all we can** to prevent "collateral damage" by our troops. Investigate our boys till they drop out from disgust. Back then, and to this day, I never thought My Lai should have gone to public trail.

**Update: More from Sissy on other takes in the Blogosphere.

Both in Viet Nam and the Middle East, our enemy usually does not shrink from offering the innocents up for slaughter to cover their own disgusting a***s.

We react and investigate. And our enemy uses it to their best advantage. Get a clue, Liberal MSM and their parroting coterie!

Any given day will lighten up the mood here.
1. Saturday is best for me, being the first day off, with another one ahead.

2. I had to consult a perpetual calendar to find my birthday.
Friday's child is loving and giving. Me all over the place. ;]

3. I'm never away from home. I hate it. It literally would take a death in the family to get me away from my own bed.

4. I work on a daily newspaper; that is to say, I am always at least a day ahead of myself. So I actually always know what day it should be. Except for vacations.

5. Five on Friday is one of my favorite sites because it asks the sort of questions I would never think to ask. How about you? If you could designate five weeks of Five on Friday, what would be your list?

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