Friday, June 30, 2006

Feeling decidedly less squirrelly today.

Not very ambitious today. So it's great to have Five on Friday to fill in. Courtesy of Criminal Grace: Is Pat patient?

1--Honestly, I so lose patience in traffic. I drive rather slowly myself, but it's hard to watch people who can't seem to nose into traffic, or who miss a cycle of the stoplight because they are chicken.

2--When I am unwell, I may not even enter a waiting queue.

3--On the spur of the moment, I will disconnect, especially if I was put on hold by someone who called me. Otherwise, if I know I must wait, then five minutes tops. Isn't that why we have the Internet?

4--Ask my frustrated family: I will take the long and winding road over the straight highway any day. Scares the heck out of them, sometimes.

5--Rude, never! Politely, sometimes coldly, assertive, and only when I've already been wronged. If done to me, I grouch back that I agree, and let's go get the bastards! Some people turn into pussycats. Others, well that's the stuff of blogging.

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