Friday, May 27, 2005

Ducks and horses.

I've been itching to include ducks and geese in my Riverblogs, but they haven't been terribly cooperative. So many times I have Granddog Ellie with me, that the critters scatter just as soon as they see me. (What, a wide-brimmed hat, fanny pack, water bottle and camera are scary or something?!)

Today I remedy the situation with links from some of my faves:

Filly blogging at Instapundit for Windows Media

and for Quicktime. Baby horses are just so, so coltish!

And for all my fellow RiverRats,

these gorgeous closeups of Mallards at Burningbird.

Love those puddleducks. When I lived near Chesapeake Bay, I would drag the baby (MommaDog) to watch the birds. She would raise her eyes to the sky and "skreeeeee" just like a gull, and the gulls would call back. Many birds seemed tamer down there, but then I wasn't wearing big brimmed hats just then. We'd watch the ducks up close and giggle when they dabbled down for food, butts up in the air. The geese were another matter. To this day, she talks about how mean geese are. I've yet to get up close to geese here, let alone have any chase me.

Our geese prefer to honk repeatedly and edge away. Good for their continued survival. Bad for Riverblogging. Pray for sun this weekend.

Little Pond

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It's working again. Great post. :)