Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial Day's Eve

With all the excitement of the Corning Classic, it would be easy to forget the much more important holiday coming up. Yet, I know many people more excited over their plantings than they are over the LPGA being in town. Priorities, People!! Our biggest golfing event aside, it would be nice to observe the solemn memorial to our war dead. I decided to walk the WestSide and find signs of Memorial Day.

Chronically shorthanded at the paper, some of us will have to work, holiday or not. A short walk seemd to be the perfect way to get in the mood and not blow all my energy.

I found few flags, and only one display otherwise. Mostly it was a glorious morning in our beautiful town. No Granddog today, so I toddled out on my own.

Little Pond

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