Sunday, May 22, 2005

Her own Carnival of the Cats

Hey, just got a request from my Blogmother, Sissy Willis. She likes my Bright Sights but would rather see Granddog Ellie. Well, Sissy, I wasn't kidding about Ellie being under the weather. This PM she was shaking and, well, hangdog. No more pictures today, as we dedicate the afternoon to nursing and comforting her. I am feeling vaguely guilty that maybe the little beastie ate something rotten on the waterfront yesterday.

But Sissy has pics of her own pets:

Unitl I can get Blogrolling up and working on this site, I will link directly for you. For cats, you must go to the Blogmother. Her local pics deal with the Boston Area. Get a hefty dose of topical and political opinion, too.

For dog lovers, get a load of James Lileks' little buddy, Jasper. Follow the site map:

He also blogs his little girl, the "Gnat," and Minneapolis, especially architecture. His site is very well organized and constantly being updated. Not just a blog but tons of stuff. He is a Historical Pop Culture God. His site proves it.

These site and other related ones will be linked, I promise. I'm currently on a pretty barebones site now, so you may need to copy the address above and paste to your address bar--to bring up the sites.

I promise more sites of Local America in the future, as well as photography, humor and (only a very tiny bit of) political thought. But back to my own little buddy.

Little Pond

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