Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Photo Credit

I never have to wonder what I will do with my time. Blogs are piling up and being assigned to obscurity, archived by date. Over the next few days I intend to archive by subject. Cat-dog-petblog; River-townblog and whatever. So all my photos now need a title, and date and time are crucial. Still lots to learn through Blogger.

When I began blogging, my purpose was to have my say. This is still my purpose. I'll say it through words, photography, and by linking to sites I admire. For instance, catblogging is juxtaposed with political opinion at Sisu almost daily. She also links heavily to other catbloggers. Personally I can spend hours perusing other people's pet photos. If you are likeminded, Sisu is a must.

Not a newcomer to photography, I am beginning to realize that my work is not bad. However, if you want to see a master craftsman, go to Burningbird, although she posts a lot of highly technical (to me, anyway) computer-code oriented writing. I began to regularly read her techstuff in order to rate my computer savvy (not too awful high). Her photography is astounding, and I am humbled by her eye for framing a shot and catching color and light.

BTW, today readers can find a lengthy piece regarding the blogger mentality at Burningbird. Many of her social and political views are a tad left of mine, but I admire her love of life on this little planet. And I envy her ability to tramp some really difficult countryside for truly awesome shots. She will be joining my list of must-click links.

Enough for now. My house is screaming for a good cleaning. Nothing like the vacuums for stirring up the domestic fauna!

Little Pond

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