Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"His owner picked him up tonight!"

This was the message waiting for me when I returned from work in the wee hours of this morning. I never doubted that the sweet boxer was owned and loved. We would normally keep the critter at home and notify the SPCA, for owner pickup. Dropping the poor baby at the shelter was the last resort. He was huge and well behaved but we have never successfully kept a dog in our yard without a lead and the possibility of an overnight was looming. Too many cats and far too many hours where our own pets are left unsupervised.

We are thinking that Granddog Ellie needs the subcutaneous chip. I was so impressed when the shelter personnel confidently scanned our new friend, and disappointed when there was no signal. Chips are very inexpensive now. We'll see what Granddog's mamma has to say. She's working this morning and doggies are not allowed on home health visits.

Pretty ginger kitty just crossed my line of vision outside the window. Same fellow was underfoot during yesterday's snapshot session on West First Street. He just ran across Guinnip. His territory is huge: husband RJ has seen him down closer to West Gray Street. All of you cat fanciers on the edge of town should be forewarned: there have been baited cat traps out here on West First Street in the past. We had to bail out a door-jumper once from the city pound. Poor old Gus was traumatised by the experience. He was already being confined as an indoor cat, so the dummy was elated to find free cat food in a neighbor's yard. Elmira has a feline leash law, and there are fines waiting, should your cat be caught. A neighbor knew we were looking and reported seeing the City Pound come through. I called the pound and collected Gus, who never tried jumping again.

It's off to Barnes and Noble I am. Sorry for the Yoda-speak. The paper is celebrating the final Star Wars flick tomorrow, and I processed over twenty photos related to the Series. No doubt I've absorbed some of the Force. May it be with all you fanboys and fangirls out there.

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