Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Finally starting to get it together. Got the loading time down. Got the links on board. Got the pets all blogged. Now I just need to figure out how to reformat the entire blog. It's going to be slow and painful, due to lack of time to spend on it weekdays.

Dank, rainy day. Good day to blog, but too much going on here. Duct-cleaning sends Granddog right up the walls with shaking, barking and whining. The cats are terrorized by the huge vacuum tube and are all hiding, except dumb DeeDee. The dearth of competition has her sitting on my lap, my mouse, my cereal bowl. Then she moves on, no rhyme nor reason.

Check out the links! Just for starters, Sisu, Lileks, and Instapundit. I may have neglected to mention that Lileks can sometimes dish up sweet prose on the changing seasons in the Twin Cities area. They call the Instapundit the Blogfather, and rightly so. I check him first on current events.

Before I add the rest of the crew, I intend to give some background on them. It's clear why I link Sisu and Lileks. My other links could surprise even my friends. Some of them I link purely for pleasure, or for humor, others I link for art, and still others I link to try to broaden my viewpoint.

More in a later post.

Little Pond

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Anonymous said...

Quite the menagerie. You'd better not get on Bubba's bad side. :)