Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dogblogging and Riverblogging

Went to the Chemung Riverfront this morning. Along the way saw many more people than we usually see in Elmira Westside on a Sunday Morning. People on their porches, sipping coffee, smoking and being entertained by their children and grandchildren.

We are not alone on the dike. Another lady and her huge Labrador are moving briskly along. Cleaning up after Ellie, I barely have time to scoop up the poop and get out of her way. Luckily the huge Lab is at the base of the dike.

We head to the river front. Let me orient you to the pleasures and sights. Keep in mind that it is only spring and it rained last night. Also please note only ONE negative sight. We are fortunate indeed.

Little Pond

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