Sunday, May 15, 2005

Perfect Sunday

The perfect Sunday afternoon: Lunch, some yard activity with RJ and Ellie. Don't forget the nap. Saturday party with Jen and her friends and our coworkers, for her birthday leaves me unduly tired today. That bottle of Castel Grisch Baco Noir may have something to do with it. Love those Finger Lakes wines, especially the rare, excellent reds.

Had to read the Star-Gazette and do the Sunday Puzzle page. Step out occasionally to shush the dog, who is barking at our neighbors, and come in to assure the cats that I love them, too.

A quick turn around the block with Ellie reveals that most people working on their yards right now are men. We saw mostly women this morning. Now why is that?
The Harrigan house is slowly becoming used to its new owners, nice people who care for it diligently. Marty would be pleased, God rest his soul.

I contacted the SPCA regarding the stray I turned in Saturday morning. I did so by visiting their website and you can do the same. I had to sign paperwork, as I have done in the past. But now the paper says "Disp: Adopted." I wonder does that mean the shelter is now no-kill?

If so, they need our donations and help more than ever. Be sure to check out their wish list, linked on the left hand side of the home page. We've gotten two of our pets from the SPCA, including one bad boy who was collected up during a week-long indugence of kitty wanderlust, that nearly ended in euthanasia for the big, ugly tomcat.

Well, I'm off to save the world. Final Fantasy V awaits.

Little Pond

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