Saturday, May 14, 2005

Physical therapy

Let's set the tone for my personal life. This is Ellie, my granddog. I also have cats and grandcats and a great-grandcat.

The reason Ellie gets the first blog is that she is my physical therapy. When I was last ill, she (or rather her need to be walked) was an enormous help to me. We had to walk, so we walked. Starting small, we gradually worked up to several blocks at a time. When I walk her reguarly, my weight stays down and my mobility high. When she returns to her primay place of residence in Golden Glow, I revert to pudgy couch potato, gamemaster, and websurfer.

Ellie thinks she's a dachshund. But Hollie's Hounds pulled no punches and told all: She's half dachshund and half Jack Russell Terrier. Any doxie lover will tell you it's not the face of a dachshund. But my worries over possible back deformities or injuries were allayed by her mixed ancestry. Besides, its not who your ancestors were, it's who you are now. And right now she's pretty special to us.

More on my pets later.

BTW, we are posting in large type to be more readable. If this seems silly, keep in mind that I will be posting at all hours. Half a century weighs heavy on my eyesight. ;P

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