Friday, June 10, 2005

Breakfast at Montana Mills

Remember my Morning with Louis? Our visit bore its first fruits today when I stopped by Montana Mills for breakfast.

Louis mentioned Montana Mills as a great place for coffee and a snack, and he was right. I got a slice of Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raison Walnut Bread. They have a very impressive array of breads. They smartly allow sampling (actually a good sized wedge) of their product. That and a cup of decaf was my breakfast. I then purchased a loaf of same, so I won't have to bake this weekend. The people are super-friendly, adding to an atmosphere that certainly is worth another visit.

UPDATE: Montana Mills is changing it's name to Great Harvest and expanding its offerings.

Then it was off to find a Father's Day gift for RJ. Luckily, the heat got to me in short order, and I returned home to do my blogging in air-conditioned comfort. If it stays hot, I may blog the Mark Twain tomorrow.

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