Sunday, June 26, 2005

I haven't forgotten...what was it again?

That I promised pet photos, of course, especially of Willie, to some of my readers. But MammaDog had to work this morning, so I will post after noontime. Guess what I just read in USA Weekend? Granddog Ellie is considered a "designer breed" type dog! Half dachshund, half Jack Russell Terrier. Gives her that brindle look and the constantly over-excited, bug-eyed, jumping up and down ... You know what I mean.

Designer breed, my puppy-nipped ankles! She's what we call a HuggaMutt. Now, Willie, we believe, is an American Foxhound. Looks just like a foxhound, with the white muzzle and the stripe going up the nose, and slight dapple on her back. But huge. Well, at least she's huge to those of us accustomed to short, bitty-legged dachshunds. MammaDog tells tales of Willie stopping Ellie's rampages by simply lifting her off the floor by her harness. Same as I do, when Ellie becomes overexcited while wrassling with the cats.

Photos later today, I promise. In the meantime pay a quick visit to Iraq with Brandon at Webshots. I also have photos there. If you search using "Ellie Dachshund", she should come right up, along with other Ellies in the world. Webshots Community is a lovely way to pass time, visiting with people all over the world.


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