Thursday, June 02, 2005

Links' Adventures

Fridays are almost sure to be lacking in posts here. It's one of my busiest days, both preceded and followed by the worst nights of the week at the paper.

I'll try to mitigate them by posting my favorite links of Thursday. Why? Why should a visitor to this site follow a link? Well, because linking gives one the feel of the infinite expansion of the Internet. No one person or organization has a monopoly on the Web. I personally prefer those sites hosted by the little people. I am, after all, one of them. It's axiomatic that we will enjoy and learn something from a genius, a leader, a hero, etc. So it's easy to forget that we can learn a lot just from each other. It's why I prefer the little fish in this little pond. The Pats and the Louis's.

Go see Alaska through the eyes of Tim P. Look especially for the everyday sort of sights, then check out the backdrops of majesty, provided by Mother Earth and Mother Nature.

Let's visit with the animals. BurningBird has some exquisitely intimate shots in Sweet Babies. Makes me all purry inside.

Not enough? Visit with some of my links. Nearly every blogger posts or links to others of their ilk. I prefer to link to those sites quite different from mine, and many sites do it, too. It may be possible to follow links forever, as the Internet expands till the end of our time here on Earth.

Or at least kill an hour or two. Back over the weekend.

Little Pond

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