Sunday, June 05, 2005

Riverfest. The Festivities

Bright and early Saturday, displays were being arranged, and people were prepping for the festival. The boats were all launched around 11AM, I think, and we were poised to welcome them. The boats are a later post: It was the people who made the Riverfest festive.

This was a family day, and nearly all the activities and booths were aimed at both young and old. Loading time limits my pictures, so I want to mention a few exhibits of local interest.

Team Osprey was there. Fellow told me a good place to watch the nesting platform: There is a small playground along the southside levee, accessible, I expect from any one of the streets crossing West Hudson. I'll check this out and report on it at a later date. Fording the river would get me to the island, but I don't play games with the Chemung. Besides I have a history of scaring away photo subjects!

I can't make enough mention of the Kid's Fishing Derby, sponsored by Nickle Creek Bait and Tackle Shop. These good people will set the kids up for their day of fishing. Every child in Elmira should have the opportunity to fish. Bring a buddy; no one fishes alone. Nickle Creek will help with supplies, with years and years of experience and good advice, too. Help keep our fishing areas clean, please put trash in its place. That's the motto on their business card. We'll be watching for you on July 30: promises to be a great day.

More photos below and more to come. Later: the boats and boatmen.

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