Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just Like Your Mummy Always Said

New link alert. The Indepundit. Otherwise known as Citizen Smash. This fellow links extensively to all things military, especially in our current operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here is a person who blogged before the war, gave the blog to his homegirl (Mrs. Smash) during his tour of duty over there, and returned to blogging after his tour. He sees both sides of the coin, and we are better for it.

The government is censoring military blogs. Bad thing or good thing is hard to say. We pay our military leaders to do a job and we should let them do it.

But Smash also blogs a set of rules that are just common sense for any blogger. Substitute spouse for commanding officer, et cetera, and you get my drift. Dear Abby couldn't state it better. In all walks of life, loose lips do sink ships.

Little Pond

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