Monday, June 06, 2005

Link for Medifans

My prediction Saturday that I would need lots of rest came true, unfortunately. The heat is weakening me, tiring me more than usual. And I still have to work tonight. Therefore, only a short post, and a relevant link.

What's a Medifan? Well, I am. It's my word, so I get to define it. It's a person like me, who has (or must care for a family member with) a chronic condition. It can also be a hypochondriac, so just a person with more than the average interest in the world of medicine, but not quite an obsession.

My Medifancy leads me to follow links to medical sites to see how medicine has skewed their world. Another professional parallel would be an inordinate interest in newspapers and printing. For instance, I work on a newspaper, and I am a news junkie. My interest in news and printing makes me look at life from a unique angle.

So if you are a Medifan, you will appreciate the link to
GruntDoc. I first found him early during the Iraqi war, probably through one or more of my usual bloggersites. Some days his entry is densely technical, beyond my dabbler's interest. Most days, however, his writing is delightfully entertaining and always informative. He links extensively, as do most of the site I visit each day, and therein lies an infinite new universe to explore.

Not all entries and links are truly medical, but rather "feature" sort of items, rich in day-to-day humor, tragedy, personalities and current events. Dig a little deeper, and anyone can find leads to just about anywhere in the medical world, both technical and human interest. Have fun, and don't let a short spate of technical or medical terminology, cut short a reading that may be full of otherwise interesting stuff.

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