Thursday, June 30, 2005

Did I go Glowing?

I'm sorry. Should have mentioned that Golden Glow is a hamlet just west of Elmira, New York. May actually be an incorporated town, but I'm not sure. It's nestled against a cool, green hill* and the Chemung River. MammaDog M tells me the name is a reference to the sky in the afternoon, when the sun is behind the hill but not quite set in the west. Country sort of place that's still just about ten minutes from downtown Elmira. It's a frequent mention in my blogs because the Granddog lives there when she's not visiting here.

*The Cool Green Hills of Earth by Robert Heinlein. The title illustrates an aching nostalgia for home felt by astronauts running between planet stops. For me it's a pang I feel when something reminds me of my childhood in Central Massachusetts. Now very little remains of what I remember. My last visit was years ago, and surely much of that has changed also. But most of the hills are still cool and green in the summer. If I don't go back, they will remain forever so for me. Gotta go: I'm tearing up.

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