Thursday, June 23, 2005

Little Links

If you've clicked through my personal links lately, WalkingTours, ViolentStorm and MSCompanion have been getting most of my attention. Jealous? No. Good. Gotta watch out for the GreenEyed monster.

No, wait. That's wrong. You should be jealous. I promise to post pet pictures this weekend. In the meantime, pb's travelled all through her links to the blogosphere, and all she's got for you are two, no--three!--links.

First this link to a Military Blogger in Afghanistan to add some humor to what must be a rather unfunny experience. At least this Native of Afghanistan thinks so. I've been casually watching the progress being made there. Seems to be two steps forward, one step back. But this is still progress.

And finally a sop to my animal lover friends. Hie thee to my everlovin' BlogMother's site for Dinner and Domestic Animals. Just like homemade, only the food is infinitely better at Sissy's. Always.

Little Pond

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