Thursday, June 02, 2005


Just spoke with my Mum in Massachusetts. They are enjoying some rare sunshine. She sounded disgusted with the spate of rainy weather up there. No matter, they'll head to Maine, where they are still digging out from damages suffered from a leaking pipe last summer. I have to admire their ability to keep at it, troubles and all--just a part of life. You see, it was more important to discuss my brothers' efforts to find work, and to share our health updates. Retirement keeps them busy, but the status of the family always outweighs the importance of events and things.

The few photos below are all I could catch while being tugged along by Ellie on our walks. She spent the long weekend camping with MammaDog and Geoff. Lot's of catching up to do, plenty of great snacks to nosh, and an abundance of snoozing waiting to be logged.

The town shots were taken very early in the morning, and are shadowy as a result. The park was midmorning, after a few errands in the car. Ellie fusses and whines in the Tracker, and shot out like a thunderbolt, when I opened the door. Won't do that again: my wrist took the brunt of the pull on the leash.

Little Pond

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