Saturday, June 11, 2005

The New 9/11 Hijacking

Click on the above title to visit my everlovin' Blogmother. Sissy is appalled at the plans being made to turn the 9/11 memorial to a breast-beating extravaganza of self-blame and homilizing.

I have my own take on the situation and have sent the following in an email to our Governor:

Who and what are we memorializing? The people who died in the 9/11 attack, and the end to our security from outside violence.

Any precedents? Pearl Harbor.

How did we memorialize that attack and those who died in it?
A quasi-military memorial comprised of a battleship sunk during the attack and the bodies of the sailors entombed within.

What is so difficult about this? Nothing.

We need a memorial that calls to mind the majesty of the former towers, the humanity and the activity that was held within them, and the treachery of the perpetrators.

Never mind the "lessons" learned from the attacks. Keep it simple: innocent people, going about their daily business, as well as innocent children just going about their daily lives, were killed by murderous men who commandeered our naive acceptance of outsiders and turned it against us.

I absolutely do not want philosophizing to intrude on the facts. The only expansion of the above formula would be to include those people who were killed by the hijackers.

Please don't let anyone water down our 9/11 memorial with sermonizing!

Much obliged to those who would please do the same. Sissy provides the link. You provide the input.

Little Pond

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Anonymous said...

Great letter, Pat. Good work. :)