Sunday, June 19, 2005

Nature Fix

Never quite got out with Granddog Ellie this weekend, and we expect telephone repairmen on Monday. However, lucky us, Shelley at BurningBird did manage to get out for a lovely hike and blogged it for posterity. Even the Title is poetic: Pink and Shadows.

Note especially the reference to the Windigo. Kinda a little roundabout how it caught my eye. I'm a video game buff, and I especially like Role Playing Games, and I especially, especially like RGP's from SquareEnix. One of the most attractive features for a person who's into cultures and history would have to be their extensive use of mythology, and quasi-mythology. They use it in place names and their heroes' names. I like to trace them back to the originals. One creature that has always remained a mystery to me was Wendigo, apparently more correctly called Windigo. SquareEnix depicted a creature with no face (or even a head), very strong and unpredictable. Usually finishes me off in short order.

Now I know. Thanks, Shelley!

Little Pond

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Shelley said...

You're welcome. Glad I could clear up mystery. Rather a nasty character to model one's avatar on.