Friday, June 10, 2005

Walk through Riverfront Park

Head on over to WalkElmira to visit Riverfront Park. It's a lovely strand of greenery along Water Street. I took Granddog, thinking she's love to wade in the cool waters of the various chutes and fountains. Wrong. She knew it wasn't her Chemung River. She must have thought I was out of my mind.

Oh well, must be a people thing. Parks and artificial waterways.

Little Pond


Darlene said...

Probably Granddog and all of the animal world has higher-developed senses, so they can afford to be choosy. Besides, I think you give your dogs enough opportunities to "dig in" to real natural haunts. But I crave the trees and woods and cool waters, and sounds and scents, etc. so much, I find just as much release in the artificial as the real.

I think our snow and cold in the winter has a lot to do with this. Too much that I love is covered up, and for far too long.

pb said...

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