Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Summertime and the Livin' is Really Quite Difficult

In the previous post we mentioned the fuzzy fluff filling the area here in the Chemung River Basin. Husband RJ just came back from the Guthrie Clinic, antibiotics in hand. Congested lungs, full of yucky stuff. I imagine the fluff, and the fine coating of pollen on everything outdoors, have something to do with it. Personally I stay dosed up on antihistamines around the clock till the first hard frost. Works for me.

Another thing that works for me is Vodka Pundit. While I hope to blog the concerns of Middle America in Upstate New York, the Vodka Pundit works further west. Apparently the pollen's working its magic out there, too. He's currently doing battle with the Mucinex Monster, courtesy of his own congestion troubles, and his blogging is hilarious. I passed his link on to RJ, but he was only moderately amused. Presumably it hits too close to home. I think it's funny as all get-out. Enjoy.

Ladies, be sure to scroll slowly down to the Mucinex entry; you will see he is quite a cutie-pie (don't tell RJ)!

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Anonymous said...

RJ does read your blog, kiddo (!).

pb said...

OOPS!!! ;)